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The Worksafe Platform

The Worksafe Platform was originally designed for a company known as Buchan Concrete Ltd a major player in the pre-formed concrete construction industry. When casting large sections of concrete walls, floors and ceilings, after delivery to site, further concrete has to be introduced into the cavities to complete the desired weight and strength criteria.

This process is carried out by pumping concrete with an operator holding a four inch delivery hose, in the past this was carried out standing on ladders, when the working at height regulations tightened up, ladders alone could not be used. We were approached to design a strong, light, ideally folding platform that could fit onto a ladder and create a fully compliant 600mm x 600mm platform from which to work.

The Worksafe Platform was born, but as time went by substantial improvements have been made and the basic design was guided towards a more mass production model. The platform in its current form has been on the market for just over a year.

Main benefits:
  • The Worksafe Platform will fit onto almost ALL standard aluminium extension ladders in minutes (probably 1.5 mins when familiar with it)
  • The whole unit weighs only 6.5 kilos
  • The unit is designed, manufactured and built to the BS EN 131 standard, this means it is load tested to 150 kilos ( 330lbs), in fact The Worksafe Platform has been load tested to 182 kilos (400lbs)
  • The construction is from pre-formed aluminium and if required, each part can be replaced.
  • The platform is 600mm x 600mm, the minimum recommended dimensions to be compliant.
  • The Worksafe Platform will fold flat in seconds to allow ease of transportation, or storage.

Price: £220.00 + vat
The Worksafe Platform The Worksafe Platform

The Worksafe Platform

The Worksafe Platform

Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

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