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Work Platform

The Worksafe Ladder Anchor

Secure your ladder to the wall by using the Worksafe Ladder Anchor.

The Worksafe Ladder Anchor is designed to tie in a ladder to a wall. To fit it is very simple;

Drill a 14mm drill hole into the desired surface (ensuring surface integrity meets required standards) Insert the Anchor barrel into the drill hole. Once the barrel is fully inserted, apply pressure to the appropriate side of the lever, substantial pressure may be required to reach the locking position. When the lever is parallel with the body of the anchor / the wall, the anchor is locked in place and ready to use.

Removal - reverse the process and then give the lever a sharp tap, this will release the grip and the anchor is ready for removal from the drill hole. After removal insert the WorkSafe Plug into the hole for future use.

Price: £29.95 + vat

Worksafe Ladder Anchor

Worksafe Ladder Anchor

Ladder Staging System
Ladder Staging System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

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