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Sherpascopic Work Platform
Work Platform

The WorkMaster

Workmaster is a free-standing work platform of 500mm x 600mm. The platform has posts and handrails on both sides with a gate front and rear, mid level chains and 270 degree toe-boards. The main frame consists of 2 x 6 rung, 2 section ABRU ladders each fitted with levellers to accommodate uneven ground. Our Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser is fitted to the rear ladder section and this provides an amazing level of stability. Standing height for the 7/11 is from 1.9 metres to 3.0metres which provides a shoulder/working height of 3.4m to 4.5m. Height adjustment is in increments of 275mm. It is absolutely ideal for work on the stairs and for those awkward to reach light bulbs at squash or tennis courts, churches, village halls, theatre stages and many more sites. It can be operated by one man working alone and folds away into a surprisingly small package which weighs only 35kg (ladder section 23kg, platform and handrails 12kg).

For seriously high level work the Workmaster 9/15 is identical to the 7/11 but has two extra rungs on each ladder section. This gives a lowest standing height of 2.45 metres rising to 4.1 metres and provides a working/ shoulder height of just over 5.6 metres. Seriously high. The total weight is 38kg (ladder section 26kg, platform and handrails 12kg).
  •  Ladders are BS-EN131 with a 150kg Safe Working Load
  •  Free standing
  •  Platform 500 x 600mm with hand rails, gates with chains
  •  Lightweight, stable and very strong
  •  Folds flat for storage and transportation
  •  Adjustable fold-away stabilisers with a leveller on each corner for un-even ground
  •  Rung locks
  •  LadderTrak and angle indicator
  •  270 degree toe boards
  •  One man operation
  •  Three year guarantee
  •  Can be used on stairs

Workmaster 7/11

Working platform height range: 1.9m to 3m
Weight: 35Kg
Max footprint dimensions: 1.6m wide x 2.1m depth
Safe Working Load: 150Kg
Price: 775.00 plus VAT

Workmaster 9/15

Working platform height range: 2.45m to 4.1m
Weight: 38Kg
Max footprint dimensions: 1.6m wide x 2.9m depth
Safe Working Load: 150Kg
Price: 875.00 plus VAT
WorkMaster WorkMaster

Ladder Staging System
Ladder Staging System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

Hunter Ladders
Hunter Ladders

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