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Z600 ZAP telescopic platform ladder
Zap Telescopic
Work Platform

The Stormer

Unlike any device on the market, Stormer incorporates storage with a working solution. The stepstore effectively saves users valuable time on transportation of equipment, set–up and assembly.

With 360 degrees multiple level working capability working at height has never been easier. With safety at the core of Stormer, extra wide treads for added comfort, edge protection to decrease the risk of fall hazards and automatic locking wheels, which require no actions and improve stability whilst working and transporting.

Main Features & Benefits:

  • 200kg maximum loading capability
  • Ergonomic design allows it to fit through standard doorways whilst fully assembled
  • Adjustable Outriggers
  • Fully self contained unit
  • Wheels for easy manouverability
  • It can be transported in estate cars or vans
  • Integrated space enhancing storage system
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 3-in-1 Step, Storage & Transportation
  • Reduce wasted labour time
  • Assembled for immediate usage
  • Increased safety protection
  • Anti-surf
  • Variable working height
  • Complies to WAHR & PIR NFP 93-352 Regulations

For a demonstration of the Stormer please phone or email us.

The Stormer Stepstore

The Stormer Stepstore

Model Working Heights Assembled Dimensions Weight List Price
The Stormer 2.28m 2.51m 2.74m
2.97m 3.2m
2.2m x 1m x 0.7m 60kg

The Stormer Stepstore

The Stormer Stepstore

Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

Rojak MultiStopper
Rojak MultiStopper

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