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Sherpascopic Work Platform
Work Platform

Ladder Staging System

Designed to provide a high level work platform, erected in just 6 minutes - meeting HSE approval when used in conjunction with the Ankalad Ladder Stabilisers.

  • Very strong aluminium construction
  • Simple to use
  • Low cost
  • 270kg load rating (evenly distributed)
  • Complies with the requirements of BS1139 Part 5/HD1000
  • Lightweight aluminium staging board

The system can be extended over three ladders or more using additional components.

Below is a selection of complete staging kits, including brackets, staging board, handrails, posts, end rails and erection tees, which are designed for use between 2 ladders. There is also an option for each kit to be purchased with a pair of BS EN131 3m 2 section fully stabilised ladders (max height 5.2 metres) fitted with Ankalad Ladder Stabilisers and Levellers.

Systems can be supplied for greater working spans over more than 2 ladders and other sizes of ladder are available. The component parts of the Staging System are all available separately. Please get in touch for more details or to discuss your particular requirements.

Product Code Span Staging Kit Only Staging Kit With
2 x 3m 2 Section
Stabilised Ladders
ST602 2 Metres
ST603 3 Metres
ST604 4 Metres
ST605 5 Metres
Staging System
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Staging System
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Staging Bracket


600mm Staging Brackets

600mm Ladder Staging Brackets

A pair of aluminium Ladder Staging Brackets, complete with inner and outer Corner Posts, to accept 600mm wide Staging Boards.

Our Price: £295.00
Third Ladder Bracket

Third Ladder Bracket

The Third Ladder Bracket enables you to join two systems together over three or more ladders.

Our Price: £225.00
Staging Board Hoist

Staging Board Hoist

Simple hoist system to lift boards onto brackets from the ground.

Our Price: £125.00
Stabilised Ladder

Stabilised Ladder

A BS EN131 3m x 2 section trade ladder (max height 5.2 metres) factory fitted with an Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser and Levellers. The Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser stows along the side of the ladder when not in use and the Levellers ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

Other sizes of ladders are available. Please call or email for details.

Our Price: £220.00

600mm Staging Boards

LSD Staging Boards have a Safe Working Load of 270Kg, in accordance with the requirements of BS2037, evenly distributed over their length and are of welded alunimium construction. They are finished with non slip phenolic board decking and are produced in lengths of 2, 3, 4, and 5 metres.

Product code Length Width Our Price
ST702 2 Metres 600mm
ST703 3 Metres 600mm
ST704 4 Metres 600mm
ST705 5 Metres 600mm
LSD Staging Boards

Ladder Staging System
Ladder Staging System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

Hunter Ladders
Hunter Ladders

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