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Z600 ZAP telescopic platform ladder
Zap Telescopic
Work Platform

The Innovative Safe Ladder System

This is a 2 or 3 section BS EN11 extension ladder with a permanently fitted stabiliser. Whilst total ladder safety is virtually impossible, the Safe Ladder System goes a long way to ensuring using a ladder is as safe as possible. The award winning system, manufactured in the UK has been tested to over 2 tonnes.

  • The ladder stabiliser has been awarded BSiF Product Innovation Commended Award 2016 and also has been shortlisted for APS (Association for Project Safety) Health and Safety Innovation award 2016
  • The ladder safety device prevents the ladder from slipping backwards and helps stop the ladder swaying sideways
  • The whole ladder safety system provides extra stability by increasing the ladder base
  • The ladder safety legs work independently from each other allowing the user to set up on uneven ground
  • Tested on stainless steel surface to over 2 tonne weight
  • No need for a second person to "foot" the ladder
Please see the product table below for all models, sizes and prices

Rungs Closed length (m) Extended Length (m) Weight (kg) List Price


Safe Ladder System Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

Safe Ladder System

Safe Ladder System

Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

Rojak MultiStopper
Rojak MultiStopper

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