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The MultiStopper

The Multi Stopper is a ladder stabiliser that increases the safe use of ladders for all professional users especially Painters and Decorators, Window Cleaners, Builders, Security and Aerial installers. Hand built by skilled craftsmen, allowing unrivaled ladder stability with the added benefit of being able to level the ladder using the adjustments at the base.

When fitted to the bottom of the ladder prevents
  • Top sideways slip
  • Bottom slip
  • Flip
  • Ladder coming away from the wall

The Rojak MultiStopper is a totally unique stabiliser that fits any ladder.

Even when using a brand new ladder there are five main causes of ladder accidents;
  • The user leaning out too far sideways falling off.
  • The ladder coming away from the wall backwards.
  • The ladder user leaning out too far to one side whilst holding onto the opposite ladder stile. This causes the top of that stile to lift off the wall and if this continues results in the bottom of that same stile coming off the ground at which point the ladder will rotate ’Flip’ and collapse.
  • The feet of the ladder sliding away from the wall causing bottom slip and again collapse.
  • The ladder being placed on uneven or sloping ground, but not safely levelled.

The cheap and common but unsatisfactory way of rectifying this is by balancing the ladder foot, which is lower down the slope, onto a piece of wood, wedge or similar. This is dangerous! Also please remember that defective ladders such as those with bent or missing rungs, worn or missing feet etc. should be scrapped as these cause accidents.

When used correctly the MultiStopper prevents the causes listed above because by lifting the feet of the ladder off the ground the ladder no longer relies purely on frictional contact to keep it in place. Furthermore the downward forces caused by the weight of the user urge the ladder inwards towards the wall. These same forces clamp the ladder into the MultiStopper and help prevent ladder movement.

When using the MultiStopper the ladder is placed in the usual position leaning against the wall at 75°. The base of the ladder is now lifted off the ground and positioned within the framework of the Multi Stopper (see photo) with the bottom rung sitting firmly on the cradle of the Multi Stopper. If and when the Multi Stopper is on sloping ground the spring button system in the correct levelling leg is used to level the ladder.

Before climbing the ladder the user must check that the ladder is level, the Multi Stopper feet are firmly on the ground and that both stiles of the ladder at the top are firmly on the wall.

[If it’s a standard brick wall the lines of the bricks can be used to determine ’level’]

Price: £159.95 + vat





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Rojak MultiStopper
Rojak MultiStopper

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