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Work Platform

The Ankalad Ladder Leveller

It is a requirement of the HSE that the rungs of all ladders must be levelled (i.e.horizontal) before the ladder can be used. (See HSE Ladders Leaflet INDG402)

The LSD Ladder leveller is made of anodised aluminium and consists of a pair of adjustable legs, which slide over the stiles of any BS EN131 ladder and lock into place using captive bolts.

The leveller has 100mm of adjustment on each side in increments of 3mm. It is very easy to operate and its high grip feet will cope with most ground conditions.

The leveller provides the required level of 16 degrees of adjustment determined by the HSE without resorting to packing pieces.

  •   Fits any ladder
  •   Easily and quickly fitted
  •   Stays permanently fitted to the ladder
  •   Adjusts for inclines either way
  •   3 year guarantee

Ankalad Ladder Leveller

We are able to supply trade quality ladders, 2 or 3 section push-up, fully fitted with the Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser and/or Leveller. Please enquire for the size you would like.
Ankalad Ladder Leveller

Price: £50.00 + vat

Ladder Staging System
Ladder Staging System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

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