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LadderMax Ladder Stand Off

Haxnicks LaddermaxNo other product offers the advantages of the Laddermax.

The large, sturdy tray holds tools and materials exactly where they are needed.

The ergonomic position created by Laddermax allows easier access to a greater working area. Jobs can be carried out much more swiftly and with less risk.

There are many opportunities to save on cost and hassle of hired scaffolding or access towers. Laddermax creates enormous stability not usually achievable with Ladders.

A safe solution

Haxnicks LaddermaxWorking with ladders is notoriously dangerous with thousands of accidents occurring every year. Health and Safety officers and Insurance underwriters alike are looking for ways of minimizing risks. Laddermax is a practical solution to working safely with ladders. The simple to use fastening clamp is foolproof and incredibly tough.

An abundance of uses

Haxnicks LaddermaxFitting, cleaning and repairing gutters.
Without a Laddermax, carrying out work on gutters can be a tricky job. Either the ladder leans directly against the guttering, which can damage it, or the ladder leans against the wall below, which then requires a balancing act to access the gutter. With Laddermax, the task of cleaning out guttering couldn't be easier. The Laddermax is positioned directly in front of the gutter without even touching it, allowing direct access at the perfect height. From this position a long section of the gutter can be cleaned before needing to move the ladder along. Repairs and replacements can also be carried out without the need for scaffolding.

Haxnicks LaddermaxWindow cleaning
With Laddermax cleaning windows couldn't be simpler. Bucket and cleaning kit are held safely in the work tray, whilst the ladder is held directly in front of the window, allowing easy and comfortable access.

Haxnicks LaddermaxPruning
Pruning climbing plants can be a difficult task requiring agility and balance. Laddermax holds the ladder away from foliage, and enables the user to lean into the ladder to gain stability and greater manoeuvrability.

Roofing repairs
Laddermax allows easy access to eaves for carrying out repair work, and for fitting or painting soffit boards.

Warning: We do not recommend Laddermax for accessing roof ladders, and the user should not climb on or above Laddermax.

Haxnicks LaddermaxGlazing and window repairs
Laddermax is the perfect workstation for fitting glass, puttying and painting windows, providing full access to the window at a comfortable distance from it.

Numerous other uses include:

  • Painting and plastering
  • Rendering, pointing and masonry repairs
  • Fitting Telephone, TV aerial, and electric cables
  • Fitting and repairing plumbing waste pipes and drain pipes.
Price: £37.50 + vat
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Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

Lighting Collar
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