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Z600 ZAP telescopic platform ladder
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Guided Type Fall Arrester – Complete System

These systems are based on a synthetic rope lifeline with a rope grab device that travels up and down the rope with the user, to arrest the user in the event of a fall.

One end of the Rocker System is attached to the top rung of a ladder by a scaffold hook, the other end attached to a harness. The rope retracts as the ladder is climbed. An inertia reel will lock in the event of a fall, and the operative will be supported by a harness.

The lifeline rope is 10 metres long, with a scaffold hook one end and connector to the harness on the other.

Other lengths of lifelines are available, 5 metres or 20 metres

The picture shows the lifeline with a karabiner that can be attached to a secure point e.g. on a building.

This system is also available with a 2 point harness.

We can offer a much larger range of harnesses and lanyards. Please phone or email for further details.
Complete Fall Arrest System
Price: £150.00 + vat
Supplied with a 2 point harness
Price: £195.00 + vat

Safe Ladder System
Safe Ladder System

Lighting Collar
Ladderfix Lighting Collar with Ladder Safetybelt

Rojak MultiStopper
Rojak MultiStopper

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